Bowen therapy

It comes from Australia and is a manual technique that involves both physical and energetic stimulation of the body. The essence of the therapy is represented by “Bowen’s strokes” performed by therapists at specific spots on the muscles and fascia of the tendons and indirectly also on the nerve envelopes. The initial stimulus is immediately transmitted through the superficial fascia (connective tissue) to other regulatory systems. With Bowen
therapy, we stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and therefore also induce somatoemotional balance.

The therapy is gentle and suitable for people of all ages (newborns, infants, overweight people, athletes, the elderly, pregnant women). With the latter we can solve several pain problems at the same time.

Bowen therapy has been shown to be successful in treating or managing the following disorders:
Anxiety, allergies, asthma (as adjunctive therapy), post-injury pain, fibromyalgia, spinal pain,
depression (as adjunctive therapy), lymphatic congestion in the breast, cysts , painful breasts,
breastfeeding problems, reproductive system problems, pregnant women (pain in the back, tailbone,
legs), infants (cramps, developmental disorders, hip problems, hypotonia), headaches and migraines,
problems and damage to the movement system, arthritis and chronic joint pain (adjunctive therapy),
jaw joint syndrome (including toothache pain in children whose teeth are growing), stress (physical
or mental).