Manual therapy

This is a set of therapeutic techniques used to increase joint mobility, reduce pain, improve flexibility of soft tissue structures. These include: joint mobilization, manual therapy of myofascial trigger points, Mulligan therapy.

Bowen therapy

It comes from Australia and is a manual technique that involves both physical and energetic stimulation of the body. The essence of the therapy is represented by “Bowen’s strokes” performed by therapists at specific spots on the muscles and fascia of the tendons and indirectly also on the nerve envelopes. The initial stimulus is immediately transmitted through the superficial fascia (connective tissue) to other regulatory systems. 

CEPM taping

It is a use of kinesiological tapes, which are of different colours and thus different effects. The latter microscopically lift the skin, allowing for 24 hours lymphatic drainage. The tapes reduce pressure on the pain receptors as well as the pain itself and do not limit the normal range of motion. They also reduce swelling and provide passive support to the affected or damaged tissue. The tapes are non-allergenic and do not contain any active healing

Therapeutic treatment of scars

A scar on the skin may be the result of injury or surgery. It can be inelastic, inflexible, hard and painful when touched, red, purple, pale and can be a disorder and stagnation in the body. When we look at the body from an energetic perspective, the scar can represent a disruption to our energy flow. Especially if the scar is expressively sensitive to touch, extremely red, purple or pale. At the examination we will have a look at the scar, we can treat it with the fingers or with the help of a metal stick, after the examination of the scar, if necessary, we can also cover it with kinesiologic tape.


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