Editorial Board
We have prepared the web pages together with the web service provider.

Purpose of web pages
The information on the landing page is of a representative nature in the field of core business for which we are registered. We are committed to ensuring the information on the site is genuine, reliable and of good quality.
We are not responsible for any typographical errors, we reserve the right to change the content at any time and without notice, insofar as it does not comply with our company policy.

Right of use
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Taking responsibility
When designing a website, we try to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of data. We do not guarantee or guarantee their accuracy or integrity, nor do we assume any liability resulting from their use. All users use the published content at their own risk.
We reserve the right to change the content of our websites at any time, by any means, for whatever reason and without notice.

Technological design
The technological implementation was provided by Marcelino d.o.o. in collaboration with our company.

Company name

FIZIO – DOTIK, fizioterapija, Bownova terapija, osebno in poslovno svetovanje, SUZANA BUKVIČ s.p.

Ulica V. prekomorske brigade 17, 3000 Celje

E-mail: [email protected]

Headquarters where the service is provided
Bukovžlak 101,
business building Etra, 2nd floor, right

Company registration
VAT: 72155213

Managing director: Suzana Bukvič
DPC: Marcelino d.o.o., Jurij Cvikl