Who am I?
I am Suzana and I was born on October 21, 1980 in Celje. I believe that with my arrival into this world, I made my mother Maria, my father Peter and my sister Ana happy. I had a peaceful childhood, as far as I can remember my loved ones did not have any serious problems in my upbringing. I was a quiet, seclusive girl. I spent my holidays many times with my grandparents and there I became acquainted with nature, farms, animals and homemade food, in short with village life in general. I realized that my mother had miraculous hands, as she wove dozens of sweaters and sewed a
multitude of clothes. Daddy is no exception to miraculous hands as he built the house and did everything for a comfortable life in it. My sister also has a miraculous power of hands because she is able to paint the whole apartment in one day.

I believe that the hands of all of us have miraculous power – through touch a myriad of
information is conveyed that, by raising the vibration, helps the body to heal, reconcile and
feel better. After 12 years working at a spa, I decided in 2015 to pursue an independent career, where I
can use this miraculous touching action, without being burdened by various therapeutic
techniques, to contribute to a better well-being. Of course, this path is not easy, but it is
worth every atom of power, if only we are ready to work on ourselves and work for
ourselves. In doing so, we make a contribution not only to ourselves but also to our loved
ones. If we are willing to rise above the limitations of the mind, open our hearts, and rise above
fears and pains, we can achieve more together. And that is my mission. To help and to be
here for people with all my heart. Because of different failures, of which I know now that these were not failures, I was improving on myself a lot. And still am. In many ways life has taught, shaped and forced me to work on myself. That never ends. All of this has helped me to recognize the distress of others and I want to help. That is my mission, and I follow it with gratitude. In my free time, I am like everyone else – a person who loves to relax and live life. The sea is a pleasure for me and sailing. I practice meditation, yoga and cycling.