Manual therapy

This is a set of therapeutic techniques used to increase joint mobility, reduce pain, improve flexibility of soft tissue structures. These include: joint mobilization, manual therapy of myofascial trigger points, Mulligan therapy.

In support of manual techniques in physiotherapy I also use:

which allows deep heating. Heat penetrates deep into the tissues, improves blood flow,
stimulates nerve fibers, thereby increasing the rate of transmission of nerve impulses
through the fibers, leading to increased temperature in deeper tissues.
The latter leads to:
     • improved local blood flow (vasodilation)
     • increased permeability of cell membranes
     • increased concentrations of white blood cells and antibodies
     • increased resorption of toxins
     • muscle relaxation
     • reduced tension in collagen tissue (improves elasticity)
     • reduced pain

Deep shock wave:

Deep shock wave therapy is a non-invasive treatment of chronic inflammatory changes in
soft tissues. The apparatus, via a probe above the painful tissue, produces vibrations of low
amplitude and high frequency, whose energy in the form of waves propagates deep and
reduces the buildup on the tissues. The shaking can be felt as pressure or moderate pain at
the treated place. In most cases, 3 consecutive therapies will be enough, performed with a
time break of at least one week.

is a form of electrotherapy using frequencies of high tones (high frequency electrotherapy). The purpose of this form of electrotherapy is to bring as much energy into the body as possible, and this can be achieved at high frequencies. For HiTop therapy, frequencies between 4,096 and 32,786 Hz are used. Even up to 5000 mW can be introduced into the body. HiTop therapy improves cell metabolism because the higher the frequency the more energy can be put into the body.

possibilities of use:

– anti-pain therapy,
–  acute injuries,
–  chronic pain,
–   reduction of edema,
–   lymphatic drainage,
–    HTEMS muscle electro stimulation,
–    treatment of degenerative diseases (arthrosis, arthritis),
–    ulcers,
–    polyneuropathies,
–    epicondylitis
–    migraines
–    revitalization of the whole organism,
–    support for the body in stress (physical, psychological, emotional),
–     alleviation of symptoms in multiple sclerosis,
–     fat melting,
–     stimulation of de-innervated muscles