Teslametamorphosis of health

The frequencies of TESLA METAMORPHOSIS generate energy waves in the human body that restore a
healthy light frequency in diseased cells.
Tesla health metamorphosis is an energy self-healing technique where Tesla healing frequencies are
used, which aim to bring the frequency of light of the human body into psychophysical balance. Every
illness, whether manifested on a physical, mental or emotional level, is the result of a disturbance of
the balance of the universal life force in the body, which is seen as the frequency of light. After the
optimal frequency of light is restored, the healing process at all levels begins. The method does not
focus on the current problems but on the cause of them – which is usually deeply hidden..

Tesla waves are activated directly from the active ether (quantum field). Exactly as Nikola Tesla
explained. The latter explains that these waves are different from Herz electromagnetic waves; it’s
about using non-Hertz waves. Tesla discussed this with Dr. O. Becker from Syracuse University, who
explained how these frequencies, better than anything, help the body to recover from injuries,
illness, mental and emotional problems. He explains that the entire nervous system begins to
function as an "antenna" that accepts biomagnetic pulses generated in the brain, especially in cases
where the body is in a traumatic state. In his book “Body Electronics: Electromagnetism and the
Basics of Life” Becker gives examples of limb regeneration in species such as salamanders (fish,
amphibians), all the way to children who were able to regenerate their severed fingertip if the injury
occurred before they completed 11 years old and if it was sharp pieces.

Energy flows in therapy do not stop when they come into contact with either metal or leather.
Therefore, the client is dressed during therapy and may wear jewelry, watches, etc. During therapy,
the client lies on his back and his eyes are closed. Most clients experience a sense of deep relaxation
during therapy. The method is suitable for persons of all ages. During a therapy of children, parents
or caretakers are present during therapy (at least one of them). 4 consecutive therapies are required.
They can be taken in 7 day intervals or every day, depending on the decision of the therapist. The
therapy is safe and relaxing.